Lynx HQ

This installation is one that’s very close to our hearts as we slowly progressed this installation from testing machines in 2015, to testing machines with a half sized lanes in 2017 and we then got carried away in 2019, adding an approach, bar and jazzy lighting. Whilst this pair of lanes are mainly used for testing and repair purposes, we do often take time to enjoy a game or two with friends and its also used to show our clients why they would love bowling in there home by inviting them over to have some fun. If you are thinking of having bowling at home, come to Lynx HQ and we will show you what its all about.

Also, Jack Butler is a keen bowler looking to work his way to the England team, so this is the perfect place for him to train.

Our set up here is a hybrid of two machines. Lane 1 is the legendary AMF 82-70 free fall machine, accompanied on lane 2 is its big brother, the AMF 82-90.

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