Interactive Bowling

Specialist interactive, audio, and lighting solutions for the bowling industry

Fired Up Technologies are one of the leading creative audiovisual and interactive technology consultants in the UK and Lynx Bowling Services are the UK’s premier installation and maintenance specialist for various different types of bowling machines.

We have teamed up to offer innovative turn-key and bespoke solutions to help bowling operators across the globe to enhance their customer experience, increase demand and increase visitor retention.


With our unique IR Trackingbox, management system, mapped software, sound system & projectors, we transform your bowling lanes to an explosion of interactivity & visual effects. For bowlers with ambition, we project oil profiles, breakpoints & other important training features.

  • Create special events and parties.
  • Enables bowling alleys to increase cost per game.
  • 100% satisfaction score on all installations across Europe.
  • Effects and themes can be easily controlled via central management system, with the ability to loop different themes throughout one game.


The Ludus Interactive Gaming Wall motivates people of all ages to become more physically active, by harnessing cutting-edge gaming technologies to innovate traditional sports and make physical activity and learning more accessible and engaging. The Ludus Interactive Gaming Wall is available in three different options; projection, indoor LED and outdoor LED meaning there is a system for every environment.

  • Fun for all – Makes physical activity a fun for all ages and abilities hosting games relevant to a variety of sports and suitable for group participation. With a super easy to use intuitive menu.
  • Sport specific – Can be used for sport specific training drills and coaching.
  • Educational – Make lessons more active and improve student engagement.
  • Customisable – Easily customised with different branding making it a great addition for brand activations. There is also the opportunity to develop bespoke games suitable for different environments.


The Tru Golf Simulator is the best golf simulator on the market. There is simply no better software available. With it’s own tracking system, Tru Track, Tru Golf’s golf simulators become a product no one will be disappointed with. For the European market, you can buy a professional full-size golf simulator in a price range no one on the market can match. The Tru Golf Simulator also comes with the option to add other sports and games packages to excite visitors of all ages.

  • Tru Golf Simulator is the premium golf simulator on the market.
  • Over 27 courses available to play. Easily retrofitted into existing facilities.
  • Helps diversify your offering and attract a new demographic of visitor.
  • Perfect for special events and parties.