a truly revolutionary scoring upgrade for legacy systems!

Why is TS3 so different from other systems? Upgrade one pair at a time. In these tough economic times, throwing £100,000’s into a new scoring system every few years is no longer an option. With TS3 you can replace just one or more pairs of scoring, thereby freeing up parts to use as spares for the rest of the center. And with Touch Desk, you can seamlessly manage both the old and the new scoring with the one management system! Divide your center into “premium” and “standard” lanes, and upgrade more pairs only as funds become available.

TS3 uses standard Windows computers on the lanes. As long as Windows computers are available, you will never be told your scoring computers are obsolete, or cannot be cheaply repaired or replaced. Some companies charge more than 3 times the cost of a new PC just to repair one of their proprietary ones! Even our new touch screen bowler console is just a common Windows tablet. Use standard TVs. TS3 connects directly to standard flat screens without any converters, and auto scales the scoring grid to whatever resolution the flat screen can handle, including full HD and 4K.

No need for endless expensive scoring upgrades as TV technology keeps improving. Keep existing consoles, cameras and machine interface or replace with new.

To further reduce costs, you can often keep the existing bowler consoles, cameras and machine interface equipment. These items are normally very reliable, and easily repaired, and are therefore not worth replacing. We can however offer replacements or upgrades in most cases. With just our new bowler terminal, everything the bowler sees can be new. The cost of a scoring system is more than just the sticker price.

Before committing to any system, check what the maintenance and repair costs are too. Otherwise this could be a real shock the first time an electrical storm or surge event hits. Another important factor is the life of the system and its features. Many features available today may have a high “wow” factor, but this will fade very quickly as technology moves on and therefore may not be worth the premium price.

Good reliable scoring with high quality scoring grids never goes out of fashion. Many centers may be happy with their legacy scoring, and may not see the need to update at all. However the lane computers in many of these systems are becoming increasingly difficult to repair and maintain. Also, they generally have very low resolution and poor quality displays which look very dated on the new flat screens. TS3 is full HD (and higher) resolution, and supports both graphics and digital signage at full HD (and higher) resolution.

TS3 also supports many new features that may not be available on your legacy scoring, such as multiple grid types, 8 players per lane, auto arrow advance, league recaps, integrated digital signage and more…. Even if you keep your legacy scoring and just install Touch Desk, it is reassuring to know that upgraded scoring is ready when you are. And the best news of all… the price!

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Touch Desk 3

our third generation management system, following on from the success of our early Lane Control System, and our contribution to Purrfect Score’s Purrfect Desk

It is a multi-terminal touch screen system, providing integrated Lane Control, Table Control and Point of Sale for all areas of a center.

It is simple and easy to use, yet provides powerful tools to maintain and grow your business.

Touch Desk is NOT just an add-on for an existing Advantage or Command Network system. It totally replaces both the front desk and the back office, and is even suited to centers that currently don’t have any front desk or back office.